Site Regulations


OPEN FIRES – NOT allowed anywhere on the park. Barbecues are allowed, provided they are raised at least 0.5m above the ground. Hot kettles and saucepans must not be put directly on the grass. NO Barbecues in tents or awnings.

NOISE – Most of our visitors come to the park for a quiet time, please remember sound carries at night and awnings and tents are no barrier to noise. Please keep noise to a minimum after 10pm.

INSURANCE – The site and its facilities are used entirely at the guest’s own risk. Guests must ensure that their vehicle and personal insurance covers third party liability whilst in the park. We do not accept any liability in respect of any person or property.

CLEANING OF VEHICLES – No washing cars, caravans or motorhomes.

DOGS – Please keep dogs on a lead at all times whilst in the park. Please dispose of the dog litter in the bin provided. Dogs are not to be left unattended on site or in a tent, caravan or motorhome.

ELECTRIC HEATERS – NOT Permitted in tents and awnings.

BALL GAMES – No ball games in the park near caravans or motorhomes.

CHILDREN – Please supervise your children at all times and make sure they do not cause damage to property in the park, as you will be liable for repairs. Do not allow your children to play in or around the reception, toilet or waste disposal points.

PITCHES – Please pitch in accordance with the directions of the staff to maintain separation required for Fire Safety and keep within the 1m of the boundary. Awnings on grass pitches must only use a breathable ground sheet. No washing lines on pitch, please use the one provided on site.

REMOVAL OF CARAVANS/MOTORHOMES – Units left on site beyond the period booked will be charged at the current daily rate and removed at the park owner’s discretion.

Sunnydale Farm is a Touring Park NOT a Residential Park. Under no circumstances do we allow persons to live on site.